Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My system... I needed SIMPLE and EASY to do..

  I didn't need a library system on the house, yet I wanted our books to go along with school... KINDA..

  FIRST: I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought some Avery labels... I bought a few packages because well, we had a good chunk of books..  

SECOND: I got scotch tape, but you can use clear label type tape or something too.

THIRD: I had the kids help me pull ALL our books and put them on the table

FOURTH: I made piles of new books... 
        Pile One: Any book that was science related

        Pile Two:  Any book History related (even Biographies)

        Pile Three:  Books about Geography

        Pile Four:  Books about music

        Pile Five: Bible related books

        Pile Six: Books that build character, manners and such

        Pile Seven: EVERYTHING ELSE

FIFTH:   Look at Piles, my Pile 7 was HUGE, so this became my PINK STICKERS!
              I figured History and Geography go hand in hand so that became YELLOW!
              Science reminds me of growing, green is a grow color.. so yep they are GREEN!
              I tossed Music, Bible and Character all into ORANGE

SIXTH:  Let the fun begin!!!  more organizing

SEVENTH:  ORANGE -->  letters --> B = Bible
                                                          C = Character Building
                                                          M = Music
                take each pile, write the letter with a permanent marker (skinny point) or pen and stick to binding of book...  Have a helper (husband's are good at this) to add tape over the sticker, give to next helper (kids are good) and stick on shelf for ORANGE BOOKS!   

EIGHTH:  YELLOW --)  letters -->  H = History
                                                      G = Geography
                                                    GH = those books that put history and geo together
          (follow above steps)

NINTH:  you got it.. It's GREEN time.. 
        now we use APOLOGIA science... so I went with that for my labels.. examples:
                   Z = zoology
                   A = astronomy
                  B = botany
                  HA = human anatomy
                  R= resource type books
                  W = weather, nature books
                               If we couldn't fit one of those.. I left it blank... 

TENTH:  Okay, take a deep breath... blow it out.. and don't do this pile today... LOL.. (assuming you just sat down like me and did the other 3 in one day).. take a mental break.. grab some coffee, chocolate or whatever.. and then sit down to this huge pile if your like me anyways.. This is probably 1/2 of your books stash.. 
 Here is what I did...  
            Make more PILEs!!!  
                 (can you tell that organizing within the organization is like fun to me.. )

 So here's my piles: 

  Books I figure our great LITERATURE
  Fun EVERYDAY reading or EASY reading
  Books that are a SERIES

Now I am still fine working this pink tabs...  For me the Fiction and Everyday Easy Readers was my harder part... what I SHOULD HAVE done (and may do sometime) is make a FUN/FICTION pile and EARLY/EASY reading pile.. 

  This gave me letters:  L = Literature
                                  E = Early Reading (Picture books - 2nd grade level)]
                                  F = books for Fun and Fiction
                                  S = series
                                  A= alphabet

  Now my bookshelves look like this:  Now I wish I had better bookshelves.. but I don't.. so for now this must work for us.. several smaller areas we put books.. but it helps my brain work better.. and when we want a book about.... We know where to start... so much easier to find books for school too! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

Recently our church started a Children's Choir. All 4 of the kids, love it so far.
 For Easter Sunday they did their first performance in church. The older kids learned choreography to a song, and the little kids learned a simpler song to sing.

  Below are the links to the songs:

 Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grub 1 SINGS in church and more

We have been very busy, just everyday things, and trying to stay on focus on what is important.
  My family, instead of always being on the go.  This summer proved to be more busier than I had planned for sure.

    June went fairly easy, did a yard sale at the end.
 July I helped a friend by watching two of her boys, while she stayed by her oldest son's side while in ICU. He had been in a major car accident. He is out of the hospital now and recovering more daily, but still needs prayers.
August, I quickly got school put together, focused on lesson plans...
   and amazingly enough we started school on time in September.   We are enjoying some of the new books we are doing differently. And I find I still love learning with the kids (even on the days that I wonder can I really do this).. and those are the days I stop and pray in during class.. Lord I need your help right now, because I don't know what to do here.
   He is always ready to lend me a hand and help pick me back up : )

   My sweet oldest Grub again tried out for local ArtsView Bravo players in August and made the singing group!  He is so loving being able to sing and make others smile. He also did Music Machine Camp in August, which made for a very busy and long week. But it is worth that one week a year to watch the smiles on those children's face and so talented and spreading the love of God!  This year they did a comedy twist with the story of Jonah (it was a western), very cute, and the message of God's love was so clear!

   A few weeks ago, Grub 1, told our music director at church that he wanted help finding the music to a song so he could sing it for church.  A few weeks later, he had the music in hand and last week he sang on Sunday morning. I was very proud at how wonderful he did.  I think it was the first time he has ever been nervous, but it was his first time to sing a solo in front of around 200 + people who all know him.
 Here is the link to his video of him singing. Sorry that I didn't get the first line of the song,(I almost forgot to turn on the camera!)     It amazes me at his talent so far, and his love for music. I do not know what God has planned for him, but I am so glad I am his mommy and get to watch.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Summer is most defiently here full force in our neck of the wood.  So what have we been doing lately?

  1. Finishing up school (now on summer schedule Tuesday & Thursday only)
  2. Hanging out at the lake trying to stay cool
  3. Visiting with friends
  4. Terry has been grilling a lot for us!
  5. Trying to keep the A/C off for as long as bearable to keep the elec. bill down.
  6. Learning how to get wheat out of our diets.
               (seems to be making some tummy problems for a few of us)
  7. Grub 2 had a 1 week class of art classes with a fellow homeschooler and loved it.
  8. Thinking of what we need to order for next year.
                  Anyone have APOLOGIA ZOOLOGY 1 text they want to sell cheaply?
  9. Getting homeschooling pen pals!  We are a little slow on writing, but kids are excieted!
 10. Getting ready for birthdays and enjoyed a few birthday parties with friends.
 11. Playing in the sprinkler
 12. Grub 2 found a turtle which means digging for worms everyday.
 13. Getting ready for a yard sale
 14. Terry is job hunting, and we are praying for God to show us were to go,
             even if that means another state.

      so see we are not busy at all!       However I wanted to share a few video's of what is going on around here.  

  The first is of Grub 2's turtle he found with Daddy on his fishing trip.

Here is one of the worm hunting going on:

And here is one of Grub 1 singing one of his favorite songs:

  I hope the summer season is finding each of you staying cool and having fun!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Videos of Special times and fun

This first video is of Terry and Grub 2 being baptized. What a special day in our family. Father and son baptized together!

This next video is of the kiddo's singing their hymn of the month. A favorite with all the children.
  When We All Get to Heaven!

Lastly we have Sweet Bali singing one of her favorite songs  Days of Elijah.

              I hope you all enjoy these moments.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grub 2 Story of Salvation

I want to share something that has happened in our family that to us is beyond wonderful. It's the one thing I want without a doubt for my children. Salvation. 

                                                          3 John 1:4
               I have no greater joy than to hear 
                 that my children walk in truth.

 Grub 2, our 7 year old recently asked God into his life to have control and use him as He wants. 
    Grub 2 has been asking a lot of questions, has been saying it he wanted to be baptized. Terry and I could both see the Holy Spirit working on him.  The child was miserable, his attitude was horrid. He was fighting giving God control.  

  Now in our home, we believe even a child can understand allowing someone else to have control of their lives even when it's not what you want. Isn't that what we as parents teach them when we discipline them. So we have been talking a lot around here about what giving God control means. We have gone over hymns that speak on the subject, and Grub 2 has hung on every word. Once he told me "Mom it just doesn't work" I asked him what doesn't work and here was his reply. "Well, I keep asking God to come into my heart, but He doesn't do it, WHY?"   A child can grasp more than we give them credit for. Why? I sat down with my young son and explain how God sees our hearts, and He knows when we are just praying the words, and when we pray the words from our hearts and truly mean them. We watched him for days as he chewed this over in his young mind. Occasionally he would come and ask us more questions.  On the evening of Feb. 12, 2012 as I was putting the kids to bed, tucking them in and each doing bedtime prayers. My Grub 2 had a look on his face that said a lot was on his mind. So I asked him if he had any questions. He said so let me get this straight "Being baptized isn't what saves me, it shows everyone that I am saved. And God sees my heart, and He won't come in my heart unless I really want Him to have control, even when I don't like what He may say I need to do?"
For a 7 year old I think he put that quite well. I prayed with the other children and came back to him and asked if he needed anything else. "Well, I forgot what the right words are you are supposed to say." I explained that when you really want God in your heart and life you don't need the right words because God will help you, and you'll know what to say. So my little boy bowed his head and prayed the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. When he was finished he looked up at me, and the peace on his face was so evident. I asked him how he felt. His reply "DIFFERENT"  I asked him how... while pointing from his stomach up to his heart he said "Well, it started here and went all the way up to my heart"  

  What joy a parent feels to know their child walks with the Lord.  Now Grub 2 had prayed a few years ago with me, and while he asked for God to come into his life, it was with little understand and with the thought of I don't want to go to hell. The prayer my son just prayed was his moment of true salvation. When he had the knowledge and became accountable before God. 

 The changes in Grub 2 have been astonishing. It as if having a different child in my home. Now he's not perfect, but there is without a doubt a life altering change in our son's life. 

     I know all of you will rejoice with us, and welcome our son into the fold of God's family. 


Friday, February 17, 2012

Breakfast Burrito's

So how do I start...
   We bought one big box of 15 dozen eggs and 4 more 18 counts of eggs...
           Yep that was  252 EGGS!!!

  Then we got:
      1 1/2 lbs of sausage
      1 1/2  lbs of tiny ham chunks
       1 1/2  lbs of bacon
     1 onion
     1 bell pepper

  and of course we can't forget the big ole' bag of shredded cheese..
    and the flour tortilla's.. the big ole' stack of them

 1. I first did plan ole' cheese egg burrito's:
       5 dozen egg
      4 big handfuls (cups) of shredded cheese
     about 1/3 cup of water
  After that was cooked, I transfered it to a stone dish  where my hubby started wrapping into burrito's..

  While he is doing that I'm cooking sausage now, I put 1/2 lb to the side to save for the (GROWN UP BURRITO'S)
     Then I added 3 dozen eggs
      1/4 cup water
     and about 2 cups or handfuls of shredded cheese..

     During this time hubby would put them in freezer on cutting board or cookie sheet for 20 mins to flash freeze. When the came out, I would transfer into bags and label.
       While he was rolling I'm cooking, worked out great.

      Then we moved onto Bacon
           again  put about 1/2 lb to side for grown up burrito's
          add 3 dozen eggs
          1/4 cup water
         2 cups of cheese

     Then onto ham chunks, now since we buy ours pre-chopped and in 1 lb bags I didn't have to put any to side.  Just cook..
    add 3 dozen eggs
           1/4 cup water
          2 cups cheese

   Now how much did it make.. depends on how much you stuff them, we used the smaller tortillas but 1 -2 of these is enough for the kids in the morning...  if I do 1 I might give them fruit or yogurt to go with it.

    We ended up with:  71 Cheese
                                   47 Sausage
                                   49 Bacon
                                  56 Ham

  Tips:  We have this nifty tool from Pampered Chef called a mix n' chop... It worked great at mixing everything up and not getting huge chunks...
    pre-cut the bacon before cooking
    Have a simple lunch for the day because you don't want to stop to cook
     Try to reuse as many pans as you can and wash as you go, don't let it stack up!

    Another tip:  Have kids help if able or have other things for them to do... mine liked to help stir the eggs.

  For the adult eggs:
       3 dozen eggs
      1/2 lb each of Ham, sausage, bacon
      1 onion chopped
      1 bell pepper chopped
     2 cups shredded cheese
     and  we used the big tortilla's for ours... : )

   This made right around  34 burrito's.

  Tip: when chopping the bell pepper: I was going to be making fajita's so I used the top and bottom areas for my eggs and sliced the middles in long pieces and put to side to place in those meals. : )     Doing all the chopping at once worked great.

  Also when chopping onions I kept mine in COLD water in the sink, it did seem to help about 75% with the tearing of eyes.  I chopped 7 onions and had little tears!!!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bali -- a skirt and sleeping with Chester

Bali got this adorable dress last year for her birthday, however she's grown so much it was getting short : (
Not to mention she loved it so much it got a few stains on the top... so I cut the top part off and made it into a skirt. She loves her new skirt, and thinks it goes perfect with her Hello Kitty shirt because they are pink!

She also had a marker attack her face..  

Here are some adorable pictures I took the other day of Bali and Chester during nap time. Yep they are still buddies, and one of Chester's favorite places to sleep is on one of the kids beds (even the top bunks)!
I thought it was cute how they were sound asleep in the same curled up postion, facing the same way. 
Just adorable.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Grub 1 Sang in Church Last Night

My oldest sweet boy, learned the song "Love in Any Language" about 1 1/2 years ago. It was one of his favorites for me to sing to him at night.  He was determined to learn it so that he could sing it at church. Last night he got to sing during one of our evening services for the offertory music. He was so happy and did a great job. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bali's new Bed Set

This summer I was able to find a really good deal on an adorable bedding set for Bali. 
It had a fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, 3 pillow shams, and a bed skirt, and 2 pillow cases. 

I put the bedding on her bed the other day (as she got it for Christmas)
and today Terry helped me put the bedskirt on. We attached it to the bottom of Grub 3's bed so that it would hang more like a canopy.. She thinks it's awesome and so does cousin Shianne.